Alana Mann

President and Owner

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Alana Mann acquired a Bachelor of Science Degree from University of Memphis in 1994 while attending University on a full scholarship representing the Women’s Golf Team. Although growing up in the family business, Ms. Mann began full-time employment for the Statesman Canadian Corporation as the General Manager in January 1996. She was responsible for overseeing the day to day operations including project management, human resources, marketing and sales.

In 1997, company plans for the Senior Living Developments expanded to the United States necessitating the transfer of Ms. Mann to Phoenix, Arizona in late 1997. Since coming to the United States Ms. Mann has been responsible for the start-up of the Statesman USA Division and the day to day operations. Responsibilities include managing all phases of Statesman’s real estate development, acquisitions, site planning, product design, construction, financials, including project budgets and proformas, contracts, and administrative field operations for all current and future projects.